"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Thursday, April 18, 2013

ONE Nation Under GOD...


Those who know me well, know that I don't give up easily. I've looked at the picture above that was taken by one of the runners in our inaugural TEAM 413 "GET THERE & SHARE" Half Marathon on 4-13-13.
It's a picture of the sky above the start line. We notice the cross and we notice the flag. The words keep coming back to me .... "ONE nation under GOD..."

The unthinkable horror of an act of cowardly terrorism in Boston this past Monday cannot be allowed to stand. I, along with all of you, will stand in the gap with our runners as they complete their life dreams. I will stand with them as they move toward the finish line and experience that moment when training, guts, grit, and dreams collide to become reality in their lives. I, like you, will not run from the terror of this world but will run to glorify God.

My new goal is to have prayer and for runners to recite the pledge of allegiance at every start line of every race in this country. We need to pray for victims of terror or victims of wounds of the heart in their daily lives. We need to pray for God's mercy and grace over our people. AND we need to pledge our allegiance to the greatest country in the world.

The country that you and I know is filled with heroes -- it's filled with patriotism -- it's filled with the things that made this country great. It's time that we take it back!

I'm on a mission! Join me!

Under HIS Grace...