"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Donald Binkley, Ashley Gillespie Binkley, Me, Kiki Gillespie, and Miller Dickson

The words have not come easy for me -- I have not been able to adequately express my thanks to all of you who supported us through your prayers, comments, postings, actions, and MILES during our recent GRACERUNNER JOURNEY. I know many of you received hundreds of emails that filled up your inbox -- but, I can't apologize for something that God started. I am sorry that some people left the group or asked for us not to send so many updates. We needed you to know what was going on so, we continued! Thanks to all of you who stuck with us as if you were right there beside us.

Kiki checking on me while on the road in Champaign, Illinois
It has taken me days to process the depth and breadth of what had happened over that 10 days -- a period of time that has changed my life forever. I'm still not sure that I have fully grasped the fullness of God's love through all of you during this time. 

Your willingness to go the extra mile with me was God's way to keep me moving forward. This journey was never about 413 miles to Him. It was about bringing glory to Him and allowing all of you to be part of the journey. His timing is ALWAYS perfect! When we let go of what we want to do  "ourselves" and commit it to Him, it's amazing what He will do! 

Through this journey a firestorm was created to the glory of God. We caught lightning in a bottle for a few days. There was so much "togetherness" and I saw the fruit of our eight years of labor for TEAM 413. I saw something happen that I had prayed for each day for the past five years. NOW we can't let it stop! We have to keep moving forward -- we have to stay under His grace -- we have to run the race and fight the good fight -- we have to finish the drill!

Finish Line at the Fargo Marathon

Please continue to run with me --

One More Breath, One More Step, One More Mile, Finish Line...
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

I gave it my ALL through HIS strength, not mine!

I am humbled to be His servant and to call you my friends -- You make my life a better place.

God bless all of you!

Forever Under HIS Grace...

Still Amazed!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The First Mile

Tomorrow morning we begin GRACERUNNER JOURNEY - 10 days - 413 miles - ONE Goal!  To Glorify God! Allow me to thank each of you who follow and support TEAM 413 and who have believed in me when others haven't.  The first mile is dedicated to YOU!

This first mile will be emotional for me.  It will mean that we have hit the pavement on a journey that I never thought possible.  It will be about miles and miles of training, working out, and pushing myself further than ever before. It will be a celebration of God's goodness and grace!

Please pray for us as we venture into the unknown.  Pray for our crew and all the runners who come out to the venues to run with me and support our efforts.  Pray for funding to continue as we travel the roads of America. 

Under HIS Grace...

Here we go --- Mile ONE!

Chris Gillespie

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Note From Mark Eldridge

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
                                                                 Philippians 4:13. 

I believe in Team 413!
For the last five years, I have been honored to volunteer with Team 413.  I’ve worn the shirt, worked the expos, ran the races, and met the runners.  I’ve been blessed by the stories of lives that have been touched by the amazing power of Jesus Christ.
TEAM 413 is real.  To plagiarize a slogan, it’s not just a shirt it’s an adventure in love.  That’s exciting!  Under the leadership of Chris Gillespie, members are meeting and sharing now more than ever.  The fellowship is expanding with new pre and post race gatherings and speaking engagements.  Old friendships are being rekindled and new friendships born.  Christians are becoming runners and runners are becoming Christians.  Much more is on the horizon.

As many of you know, to raise awareness of the mission and raise money to fund the activities of Team 413, Chris Gillespie is embarking on a 413 mile 10 day run.  A run to the glory of God!  We all can’t run 413 miles, but everyone can be involved.

I have a few suggestions:

1.    Pray for Chris on his run, for health, endurance, and good weather.

2.    Show your support by contributing to the 413 mile GRACERUNNER JOURNEY to the glory of God.

3.    Tell your friends. Let’s take this event viral!

4.     If Chris comes to a city near you, go out and support him.  He’s a great guy and he’d love to run a mile with you.

5.    Volunteer for a future Team 413 event.

6.    Contact Chris about speaking at your church, school, or to your running group.

7.    One more thing…  Join me in a 413 mile run.  Not 413 miles in 10 days but, one mile a day for 413 days. Beginning on May 21st, the last of day Chris’s 10 day journey.  I’m pledging to start running at least one mile a day for 413 days and contribute a dollar to Team 413 for each day I run.  The streak will end on July 7, 2012.  What can you buy for a dollar a day? Not much, but you can help reach people for Christ and encourage fellow Christians to enjoy God’s gift of physical activity.  If you like, find friends to sponsor you.  You can make your contribution anytime during your streak;   I just ask that you let me know of your commitment to do the run.  I’m hoping at least 20 of my fellow 413’ers will join me and bind together to encourage each other.  Let’s make this a fun run to the glory of God.

    Email me at markeldridgecpa@comcast.net.

Let’s streak for Team 413.  I hope to see you on the road.

God bless!

Mark Eldridge
TEAM 413

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Memory and Honor

In honor of my Mom -- on this Mother's Day


Mother went home to be with the Lord on Friday, April 18, 2008.  She was a woman of unwavering character, strong faith, and a heart for others that had no equal.

She was, without a doubt, the most selfless person I have ever known.  During my lifetime, I never saw her place herself before others.  Mother would always give much more that she would take.  She modeled “selfless-ness” in every aspect of her life.  Everyone else always came first.

Gladys Gillespie was a lady to the very end.  She had movie star looks -- yet, was beautiful to the core of her soul.  Her willingness to serve others, her sense of humor, and her wry smile are engraved in my heart and mind forever.

My mom was the real deal.  She was a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, and friend above reproach.  She is missed, but her legacy will live forever in all who knew her.  We celebrate her life and God is glorified in our loss as she sits at the feet of Jesus Christ in Heaven today!
My prayer on this Mother's Day is that every child should feel the kind of love that I received from my Mother and that each Mom will love as my Mother loved -- relentlessly, unwavering, and unconditionally!

Under HIS Grace....and, blessed by the gift of my Mom --