"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Friday, July 16, 2010

Planning Ahead

Life has been a series of adventures this summer. I plan to put it all in words soon. We still need to recap Grandma's Marathon -- family happenings - including our summer with Hanna, Gerrit, & Willie (see above) -- and our vacation along the beaches of South Walton County, Florida. Kiki is naturally taking all of the pictures but she has had her hands full with planning, working, and keeping up with the two kids, Willie, and me!
This summer I have done a lot of introspective soul searching for what God will have us do in the future and the direction we are headed with TEAM 413. I want to share my thoughts with you soon. I believe that He has much in store in the years to come and some exciting things are about to happen.
We'll be announcing new GRACERUNNER PROJECTS in several cities soon -- we are going to Chicago at the end of July for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon and then to Virginia Beach on Labor Day Weekend for another Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon -- and we'll post our fall schedule sometime over the next few weeks. There is much work to be done and we need many of you to help.
God bless all of you as we start on our adventures together...
Under HIS Grace...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Cobalt Blue Sky Days" Ahead

I'll be back soon! Unfortunately, I haven't written much in GRACERUNNER JOURNAL lately. I've been buried in an accreditation process for our athletic training education program at Samford University the past few weeks. But, 700+ pages later, it's in the mail and time for a few days off.
Kiki, the kids, and me are off to the beach for a few days of rest and relaxation before we get back out on the road with TEAM 413. We've got a few summer events planned and then we'll spend a lot of time on the road in the fall. Look for the TEAM 413 late summer/fall event schedule to be posted on our website at www.team413.org soon. In the meantime, we look forward to a few "cobalt blue sky days" at the beach.
In addition to our event schedule, be looking for a new Facebook page we are working on called "Cobalt Blue Sky Days." I've used this phrase so much in my writing that I've recently copy written it and put a trademark on it as well. My next book, which will hopefully be out in the fall, will be called GRACERUNNER - COBALT BLUE SKY DAYS! God will be glorified with this new venture and I believe that you'll enjoy the concept of the book. For those of you who have not read our first book, GRACERUNNER - FAITH ON THE RUN, you can order it by emailing me at chris@team413.org.
Please continue to pray for funding for TEAM 413. Contributions are coming in slowly and we need to generate more funding to continue our ministry at the top-tier level that God expects of us. He is honored in excellence and we plan to continue on that path!
God bless all of you -- See you on the road!
Under HIS Grace...