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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back on Track!

A few days ago I read a blog written by my friend, John Bingham. Many of you know him as the Penguin -- author, speaker, columnist. He has helped countless people on the way back to retrieving a healthy lifestyle. I admire him so much for what he has done for people from all over the world. His blog caught my attention and hit me right between the eyes!
John wrote of how it was difficult for him to train any longer --- his time demands are so significant that he declared that he just couldn't find the time to train like he should. He went on to write that he intended to start keeping a running log even though he has never done so before. In the past, running was simply such a part of his being that he felt that there was no reason for a log. Now, there is a reason --- to stay on track.
I called John to tell him how much I appreciated what he had written because I feel the same way right now. I am so busy that there are times when I just can't find the time to "get that run in." The demands of my family life, professional job, and the TEAM 413 ministry have become so enormous that it happened before I knew it! I used to just write it down on my daily planner and no one could schedule something with me during that time. It was a "meeting with myself" and my quiet time with God. Yet, I started letting people have that time for various reasons and now I have slipped into a rut of getting a training run in here and there. I train just enough to finish races.
During our conversation I thanked John for opening my eyes. I plan to keep a log too! I plan to put it back on my calendar as a part of my normal day. Then, I plan to find someone to keep me accountable for my actions.
I'd like to challenge you to do the same thing. If you have been slacking off, get back out there regularly. Find a good plan and stick with it. Start writing down everything -- how far you run, how long you run, how you felt during your run, how God showed you something along your journey. And, find someone to hold you accountable and that will allow you to hold them accountable. Doing all of this is as important as any meeting you might have during the course of your day because it's about your health. It's also a "selfLESS" act for your family and friends. Your health means a lot to them! So, hit the pavement and Git 'er Done!
Under HIS Grace...

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  1. Hi Chris -
    I have been doing that for a while - albeit, for me, it's getting in those walks! But I will be participating in a marathon/half marathon running training program at our local running store chain. That begins June 16 and runs (no pun intended!) until October. So I hope it gets me to be more of a runner than a walker. But, regardless, we need to schedule that time or it never happens.
    And that goes for our time with God. We need to remember Him 24/7.
    Blessings -
    Ponderings by Andrea