"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Monday, May 31, 2010

Rest, Relaxation, Recovery, and Running!

Kiki and I have been on vacation at the beaches of South Walton, Florida for a few days. Now, we are back home in Birmingham and it's back to work.
I'll be posting my review of the Fargo Marathon, reflections of our visit to the beach, and so much more this week. I'll also be outlining our TEAM 413 event schedule for the next few months. I've got much catching up to do after a lot of resting, relaxing, recovery, and running!
As for now, please continue to pray for TEAM 413. We cannot survive without fundraising to keep our ministry moving forward. The gifts are not coming in like we had anticipated at this point in time. You can go to the following link to make a contribution:
Until later this week ... Remember --
"Never allow your circumstances to dictate your character. Instead allow your faith in Christ to show through in the midst of any circumstance that may pass your way."
I needed that reminder today myself!
Under HIS Grace...

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