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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Simply Not the Same!

We drove down the roads of the east coast late at night…ETA 3:52 AM! Driving to Virginia Beach into the eye of Hurricane Earl for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – 2010 Edition!

Kiki and I hold this race in a special place in our heart. It was here where the Runner’s Prayer that we have on our shirts, on bookmarks, and that I write about in my book was originally said during a pre-race devotion. It was here back in 2004 that I ran what I thought might be my last race having been clinically diagnosed with MS only to eventually learn that dysautonomia was the culprit that had taken over my body. It was at this race in 2008 that I struggled to finish through the heat and humidity against odds that I could not imagine considering my health at the time.

It is this place where people have come back again and again to say that they saw our shirts in a race, a city, a store, a fitness center and the message helped them – They would declare that they now wanted to help someone else! It was here that we met some of our biggest TEAM 413 supporters – Jackie, Tonya, Danny, Karla, Jerome, and so many more. It was here where we stood on the beach and listened to the B52’s and Kiki and I have lived part of the life that we missed together. This road of late night travel was nothing for us – it was a trip to a place where our lives have been molded, changed, and celebrated!

As we drove TOWARD Hurricane Earl there was no hesitation because we knew that God would take care of us. Kiki was able to visit with one of her best friends from high school who she has not seen in more than 25 years! Once again, this race has personal meaning to us and will hold a special place in our hearts as we continue to move forward with the ministry of TEAM 413.

Just as this race is “simply not the same,” neither am I when we take off for a TEAM 413 event. It is God’s calling in my life. Kiki calls me a ‘different person’ when I put on the TEAM 413 shirt, when I’m able to serve the people who God brings my way, when RACE DAY approaches. Regardless of how I’ve felt physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually – God refuels my soul during a TEAM 413 event! Things happen that can only be described as miracles of grace straight from the heart of God. I can’t wait to get on the road and meet new people – it’s a gift!

Life has taken a toll on my body, mind, and the heart of my soul. Yet, God has never given up on me. He has never forsaken me. And, at this very moment He is at work in me unlike any other time in my life. He is preparing us for full-time ministry one day soon. He is laying the groundwork for us to take TEAM 413 to a totally different level. He is about to do something that we cannot comprehend!

Please join me as I pray for guidance for the next move that we make. Pray with me that God will do such a work in others and in me that we are “simply not the same!”

Under HIS Grace...


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