"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Monday, September 13, 2010

TEAM 413 - A Project in Progress!

As I write this edition of GRACERUNNER Journal I am somewhere over the heartland of America flying to Chicago for the Chicago Half Marathon Expo and Speaker Series. I find myself traveling again after just getting back from Virginia Beach three days ago --- yet, I feel so blessed to be in this position. God is doing great things with TEAM 413 and I’m always anxious to see what He has in store next.

I’ll be on the road quite a bit this fall -- Appleton, Wisconsin -- Omaha, Nebraska -- Des Moines, Iowa -- Washington, DC -- Springfield, Missouri -- San Antonio, Texas -- Memphis, Tennessee -- and a few more cities along the way. Our 2011 schedule is already in the works as well. We have confirmed that we’ll be going back to Disneyworld, Miami, Seaside, and St. Louis just to name a few. Several years ago, we could only imagine going to a 10 - 15 cities in a year and now God has us traveling from coast to coast – about 40 events per year. Amazing grace in motion!

TEAM 413 has been a grassroots ministry. Many people have given of their time, talents, and dollars to help us continue to move forward. We’re still looking for that elusive corporate partner who will help us reach another level in God’s service. We’re looking for a partner who isn’t afraid of us because of our personal faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. God will reveal them to us one day – we just have to be patient!

The past few months have been a growth time for TEAM 413. We’ve seen God bring people to us from all 50 states and several foreign countries. We’ve heard stories of lives changed because of a simple message on a simple running shirt - "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." We’ve shared our hearts with hundreds of thousands of people. God is working in the lives of many to mold TEAM 413. We are a project in progress!

So, join us! Help us grow. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and think outside of the ministry box. If you have a desire to serve, we’ll find a place for you. Give me a yell and let’s talk --- God may be opening a door for you to help change a life right now!

Want to be a part of something big? Let me know. We sure could use you!

Under HIS Grace…


Sideline Note:

On my way to the Chicago Half Marathon Expo on Saturday morning, I was driving along Lakeshore Drive on the western shore of Lake Michigan. This area is a popular spot for walkers, runners, and bikers. As I drove along, I looked toward the path and I saw a lady wearing one of our TEAM 413 shirts. It was white with bright lettering.

What made this sighting unique is that she had not picked up this shirt in Chicago because we have never offered that color at any of the shows in the city. It was purchased at another race somewhere in the United States! God opened my eyes to something that goes along with my GRACERUNNER Journal entry from above….Grassroots ministry! Here I was in Chicago, Illinois having traveled from Birmingham, Alabama and I see a person wearing a TEAM 413 shirt on the side of the road that I just ‘happened’ to be driving on at that moment in time! There wasn’t a race or big event going on --- this was one single person sharing her faith through the ministry of TEAM 413. I was able to get a glimpse of the seeds that are being planted all around the world!

I always tell people that there will be a ‘story’ behind their shirt! Well, on this day, I became the story behind that lady’s shirt! My emotions ran wild --- we started this ‘CAN DO’ mania with ONE shirt. We travel to city after city ONE at a time. We put shirts on ONE person at a time. And, here I was in the third largest city in the United States looking at ONE shirt out of the 35,000 we have placed on people from all over the world! WOW! That's amazing grace in motion!

Want to be a part? Let me know!

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