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Monday, April 12, 2010

Reality Check!

For a little more than seven years we've been traveling the roads of this country with a very simple ministry for runners and other endurance athletes that we call TEAM 413. It's simple because we've never had to ask anyone to join anything, raise any money, or pay any fees. We have just asked people to wear a TEAM 413 shirt and share their faith along their journey. It's been a very productive way to grow this once small ministry into a very large non-profit organization that is now recognized all over the world.
However, we still function on a small budget and we cannot continue the old model for the ministry if we continue to grow at the pace which we are growing today. More than 30,000 people wear our ministry shirts around the world. They are a real part of the TEAM 413 family. We would like to allow these folks to be more involved and to see the big picture of our ever growing ministry. We want them to be a bigger part of what we are doing other than just wearing a shirt at running events. We want them to have ownership in this very visible and viable entity in the running and endurance community. The impact of TEAM 413 is huge! But, it can be so much more.
At the beginning of the year we started a fundraising campaign. We asked people to give what they could to our ministry. We asked for 1,000 people to give $25.00 per month. We asked people to make a one time gift. We asked those who have been touched by the ministry of TEAM 413 to step up and help during the biggest growth spurt in our history. We set a lofty goal to raise $250,000 by the end of 2010. Almost four months into this campaign we have raised a little over $10,000. To reach our goal, we must raise $20,000 a month. That being the case, we are significantly behind. We've got to get going now!
More than 70 percent of the dollars that we have received thus far have been given or raised by three individuals. These people have stepped up because they believe in TEAM 413 and they have seen the impact of our ministry! There are others who have stepped up to give $25 a month. However, I am deeply troubled by the lack of contributions and support from many who say they believe in TEAM 413.
I can assure all of you that we will never require fundraising for someone to be a part of TEAM 413. Nevertheless, it is an option that many can choose to take. You can make a one time gift. You can commit to a monthly gift. You can sign up to be a TEAM 413 fundraiser and ask friends and relatives to give. There are many ways to help and we need that financial support now more than ever.
Most people are unaware that NONE of our officers or board members receive a salary. We don't have office space -- we function out of the Gillespie home and garage. Every dollar that is raised goes directly toward ministry needs. It's a simple fact that in order to move forward, we must raise significant dollars and I believe that God wants us to get going and grow TEAM 413 NOW.
The hardest thing that I do as Executive Director of TEAM 413 is ask for money .... but, it comes with the territory. I have no choice --- I have to ask. However, you do have a choice. You can be a part of the growth of TEAM 413 --- It is your choice.
To give or to set up a fundraising page, go to the following link:
Under HIS Grace...

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