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Friday, April 2, 2010

Jesus Runs

I believe that Jesus RAN. God the Father told Jesus that we needed him. Jesus responded that He was willing to run the race and so He ran! He ran out the gates of Heaven to the start line on this earth. He ran the race of human life as He lived with us for more than 30 years. He ran with all types of people. He ran with the rich and the poor. He ran with people of different cultures. He ran with the sick, injured, and downtrodden. He ran alongside mankind and experienced the tough challenges of the miles and miles of life. He felt the pain that we feel. He saw the things that we see. He was a part of the human race.

Then the Father said that we needed Christ even more. So, Jesus ran up Mount Calvary with a cross on His back. He allowed us to nail Him to the cross and to make fun of Him. He still loved us even though we turned our backs on Him. In the end, He looked into all of our eyes and said to us, “If I cannot love you, I cannot love another because YOU are the love of my life!”

He ran for each of us and then He finished the race on this earth and declared, “IT IS FINISHED!” He stayed in the grave for three days and then He ran out of the tomb. He ran back to Heaven and told the Father of the race. He told Him how He ran the same course that we run. He became our advocate. He told His Dad that He understands us now. I believe that Jesus still runs to the Father each time we do the things that please Him. I can hear Him ---


Jesus runs for you! He came running to us through mercy and grace. He ran from the start to finish so that He could live on common ground with us.

The results of our earthly marathon will not be posted until the day when Christ runs back for us. Make it your goal to finish life strong so that your results will be posted and the FATHER and the SON will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant! You ran the race and finished strong! Welcome HOME!”

Jesus runs! Do you?

Excerpt from the book GRACERUNNER - FAITH ON THE RUN © by Chris A. Gillespie

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