"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

OORAH! 35th Marine Corps Marathon

I've been a part of many athletic events in my life.  I've run many races during my time with TEAM 413.  I've done a lot of cool things in my life!  However, when it comes to memorable times -- a bucket list item -- thrills that will remain in my heart and mind forever --- well, the 35th running of the Marine Corps Marathon was OUTSTANDING!

Everything about the Marine Corps Marathon is top-tier.  The expo gave TEAM 413 an opportunity to get in front of so many people.  The isles were packed and we talked to countless people.  The marathon was one of the highlights of my running life.  We ran by so many of the things that I've heard about my entire life.  I've run this race before but this was different.  This was my first time to really soak it all in....to take time to enjoy the ride!

To run by the monuments of the United States of America, to see the pride in the eyes of Marines, to hear and feel "God, family, country!" created overload in my heart.  My race was tough and I had to walk a lot but it didn't take away the beauty of this event.  As I ran to the finish, I looked up and saw the Marine War Memorial -- the tears ran down my face -- pride in our country filled my heart -- and I thanked God that I could run in a race like this and share my faith along the way without apology -- with the words "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" on my back.  

We complain about so many things being wrong in the United States.  We want more and think others deserve less.  We feel as though we are entitled to our piece of the pie.  If you want to get over YOURSELF, look into the eyes of a service man or woman who has pride in protecting your freedom!  It will change your heart, mind, and soul!  

OORAH! to all of the Marines along our path on this day....THANK YOU for your service!




  1. Congratulations! I've heard awesome things about that race!! Looks like an amazing experience!

  2. Happy Birthday Marine Corps! Thanks for all you men and women do!
    Sounds like another phenomenal race. Glad you could be at MCM to represent Christ. God Bless!