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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flying Through Life!

Airports and air travel have always amazed me.  I find it so intriguing to watch people.  Some are in a hurry -- some are in a tizzy -- some have no clue what to do or where to go -- some act surprised when they suddenly have to get on a plane or show someone an ID.  It's funny how unprepared some people are and then how over-prepared others are!  I find it amusing to watch all aspects of what happens on the inside and outside of these "meccas" of flight.  From the time you get to the building until the time you walk out of your destination airport, it is always an adventure.

We hardly ever pay attention to the miracles that go on around us in and around an airport.  We don't stop to notice things like the soldier coming home meeting his family at the airport.  We don't marvel at the miracle of thousands of pounds of metal lifting us off the ground and propelling us to another city somewhat akin to a time machine!  We don't feel the sense of wonderment that you see in the eyes of a child when they get to look into the cockpit with the pilot or are handed a "wing badge."  We miss it because we are in such a hurry and we are consumed with our own wants, wishes, and desires!

We could paint an analogy of life with the things that happen in a airport.  We don't care about others enough to slow down just for a moment to ask, "How are you today?"  We don't stop and "smell the flowers" of the grand time machine that God has given us --- LIFE!  We grow up and lose the faith, simpleness, and hope that only a child can exhibit.  We simply go about life with a badge of entitlement pinned to our heart and mind.  We want "what we want" and we want it NOW!  Everything is too slow -- nothing can keep up with our demands -- if it's yesterday's news, it's not worth anything to us!

I don't believe God wants us to live our lives that way.  I believe that He wants us to savor every moment.  I think God's desire is for our life to be filled with excitement, challenge, hope, and love.  I cannot imagine that God would want us to live our lives as if we "lived" in an airport!  So, slow down and be a kid today -- embrace the fullness of God's love around you -- look for hope in the miracles that happen in front of you each and every single day of your life.

Seat backs and tray tables up!  Fasten your seat belt!  Expect the ride of your life each day -- God wouldn't have it any other way!

Under HIS Grace...


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