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Monday, January 17, 2011


We need your help with GRACERUNNER JOURNEY. Over the coming weeks, I will be training hard to complete our 413 mile journey in May. We need your support in many ways -- we need your prayers -- we need your financial donations and pledges -- we need logistical support in the cities where we will be stopping along the way. Please email me at chris@team413.org in order to volunteer or if you would like to donate to our cause. We'll get you plugged in and send you an information packet.

We are considering making some minor changes to our journey.  As of today, this is the list of our stops along our trek to Fargo, North Dakota:

  • Thursday, May 12 - Birmingham, AL- Kick-off
  • Friday, May 13 - Pontotoc, MS (my hometown) & Memphis, TN 
  • Saturday, May 14 - Springfield, MO
  • Sunday, May 15 - St. Louis, MO
  • Monday, May 16 - Champaign, IL and Chicago, IL
  • Tuesday, May 17 - Des Moines, Iowa
  • Wednesday, May 18 - Duluth, MN
  • Thursday, May 19 - Fargo, ND
  • Friday, May 20 - Fargo, ND
  • Saturday, May - Fargo, ND (Finish at the Fargo Marathon)
This journey will not be possible without your participation and support. So, please help us along the way. Once again, email me if you live in one of the cities where we are stopping or if you desire to be a part of this GRACERUNNER JOURNEY!

Under HIS Grace...



  1. Wow that is quite a journey! God bless and good luck to you guys! :0) I'll be praying for y'all!
    --Karen <><