"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Note From Mark Eldridge

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
                                                                 Philippians 4:13. 

I believe in Team 413!
For the last five years, I have been honored to volunteer with Team 413.  I’ve worn the shirt, worked the expos, ran the races, and met the runners.  I’ve been blessed by the stories of lives that have been touched by the amazing power of Jesus Christ.
TEAM 413 is real.  To plagiarize a slogan, it’s not just a shirt it’s an adventure in love.  That’s exciting!  Under the leadership of Chris Gillespie, members are meeting and sharing now more than ever.  The fellowship is expanding with new pre and post race gatherings and speaking engagements.  Old friendships are being rekindled and new friendships born.  Christians are becoming runners and runners are becoming Christians.  Much more is on the horizon.

As many of you know, to raise awareness of the mission and raise money to fund the activities of Team 413, Chris Gillespie is embarking on a 413 mile 10 day run.  A run to the glory of God!  We all can’t run 413 miles, but everyone can be involved.

I have a few suggestions:

1.    Pray for Chris on his run, for health, endurance, and good weather.

2.    Show your support by contributing to the 413 mile GRACERUNNER JOURNEY to the glory of God.

3.    Tell your friends. Let’s take this event viral!

4.     If Chris comes to a city near you, go out and support him.  He’s a great guy and he’d love to run a mile with you.

5.    Volunteer for a future Team 413 event.

6.    Contact Chris about speaking at your church, school, or to your running group.

7.    One more thing…  Join me in a 413 mile run.  Not 413 miles in 10 days but, one mile a day for 413 days. Beginning on May 21st, the last of day Chris’s 10 day journey.  I’m pledging to start running at least one mile a day for 413 days and contribute a dollar to Team 413 for each day I run.  The streak will end on July 7, 2012.  What can you buy for a dollar a day? Not much, but you can help reach people for Christ and encourage fellow Christians to enjoy God’s gift of physical activity.  If you like, find friends to sponsor you.  You can make your contribution anytime during your streak;   I just ask that you let me know of your commitment to do the run.  I’m hoping at least 20 of my fellow 413’ers will join me and bind together to encourage each other.  Let’s make this a fun run to the glory of God.

    Email me at markeldridgecpa@comcast.net.

Let’s streak for Team 413.  I hope to see you on the road.

God bless!

Mark Eldridge
TEAM 413

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