"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Donald Binkley, Ashley Gillespie Binkley, Me, Kiki Gillespie, and Miller Dickson

The words have not come easy for me -- I have not been able to adequately express my thanks to all of you who supported us through your prayers, comments, postings, actions, and MILES during our recent GRACERUNNER JOURNEY. I know many of you received hundreds of emails that filled up your inbox -- but, I can't apologize for something that God started. I am sorry that some people left the group or asked for us not to send so many updates. We needed you to know what was going on so, we continued! Thanks to all of you who stuck with us as if you were right there beside us.

Kiki checking on me while on the road in Champaign, Illinois
It has taken me days to process the depth and breadth of what had happened over that 10 days -- a period of time that has changed my life forever. I'm still not sure that I have fully grasped the fullness of God's love through all of you during this time. 

Your willingness to go the extra mile with me was God's way to keep me moving forward. This journey was never about 413 miles to Him. It was about bringing glory to Him and allowing all of you to be part of the journey. His timing is ALWAYS perfect! When we let go of what we want to do  "ourselves" and commit it to Him, it's amazing what He will do! 

Through this journey a firestorm was created to the glory of God. We caught lightning in a bottle for a few days. There was so much "togetherness" and I saw the fruit of our eight years of labor for TEAM 413. I saw something happen that I had prayed for each day for the past five years. NOW we can't let it stop! We have to keep moving forward -- we have to stay under His grace -- we have to run the race and fight the good fight -- we have to finish the drill!

Finish Line at the Fargo Marathon

Please continue to run with me --

One More Breath, One More Step, One More Mile, Finish Line...
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

I gave it my ALL through HIS strength, not mine!

I am humbled to be His servant and to call you my friends -- You make my life a better place.

God bless all of you!

Forever Under HIS Grace...

Still Amazed!


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  1. Mr Chris, I for one can say that I did not get tired of your email/facebook updates! I loved following along your journey and I enjoyed reading about your progress. WAY TO GO! What an incredible thing you've accomplished! The picture of you at the end of the Fargo Marathon brought tears to my eyes... :0) I love what you said about running the race and fighting the good fight - you hit the nail right on the head! Congrats again! :0)