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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Beautiful Bride

Ashley & This Very Proud Dad
Ashley's wedding was beautiful but not as beautiful as the bride! My little girl was stunning! I was fine until I saw her and then saw the look on Donald's face when we started walking down the isle for me to give my blessing of this marriage. It was one of those emotional moments that you only have a few times in your life -- It's a good feeling that you just can't explain.
The reception was fun as we celebrated with family and friends. Lots of food and fellowship was the culmination of the day. But, there was also lots of music and dancing. I had my "father-daughter" dance to 'I LOVED HER FIRST' and didn't fall flat on my face! I think that was more nerve racking than the walking down the isle part. We pulled it off without looking too out of place and the fun continued. It was truly a special evening!
The bride and groom will be on their way to Jamaica for their honeymoon early in the morning. Please join me in praying for them as they begin their life's journey together.
Under HIS Grace...

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  1. My dad and I dance to "I loved her first" as our father/daughter dance also! That was such a special time! Your daughter made a beautiful bride! They day sounds like it was a great one! Congrats again! :0)