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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


After this past weekend in Dallas, I needed time to reflect on so many things. It was a hectic week and then this event was upon us! Kiki drove 10 hours on Thursday evening and got into Dallas at 4:00 AM! I had to stay behind because of another commitment and then flew in on Friday evening. I know, I know, KIKI is my HERO too!!!
Lesley Toops and Mariann Burris helped Kiki at the expo on Friday (Kiki got about 3 hours of sleep) and then I worked the expo on Saturday with Lesley and Mariann. They were great and I appreciate their efforts so very much!
We met wonderful people in Dallas and, as usual, we were reacquainted with a lot of our old friends. Lots of folks stopped by to talk, learn about the ministry, buy a shirt, pick up a copy of our new book, and other TEAM 413 fundraising merchandise. But, once again, it was all those stories that captured my heart --- "I saw someone wearing one of your shirts in ___________ and they helped me finish the race. Now I want to help someone else!" Man, that makes me feel so humble and so proud of those folks who are all over the country representing our Lord through TEAM 413.
The expo was great but the race was better. UNBELIEVABLE day! God decided to show off big time with the weather. It was one of those days that you'd like to "bookmark" and pull out when you need a perfect spring day! During the race I was never out of sight of a TEAM 413 shirt. I started the race with twins who were wearing red TEAM 413 shirts, I ran along with three ladies with light pink shirts on, I ran the last few miles along with Penny -- who wore a white tank, I finished with a bubble gum pink shirt in front of me, and Penny right along with me. I heard John Bingham call out several TEAM 413ers within the next 10 minutes of my finish. Then, I talked to at least a dozen folks out in the finishing area & family gathering area who represented us in Dallas. We celebrated God's goodness and provision in allowing us to finish.
Although my race was slower than I used to run prior to my health problems, I am starting to see improvement. I don't run like the wind, but feel like I'm at least running like a breeze for a change. I actually ran a negative split for the first time in a very long time! I got into a groove and was able to finish strong. I actually felt stronger as the race went on. It was special even though I was slow!
We'll be off this weekend as my daughter, Ashley, is getting married on Saturday. I'll write more about Ashley by the end of this week. It's going to be a special week for our family. Please pray for this dad!
I stand in awe of the wonders of God's goodness!
Under HIS Grace...

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