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Monday, October 4, 2010

Cobalt Blue Sky Day in My Heart!

My run on Sunday, October 3 was supposed to be a normal medium long run. It was not supposed to be "life changing" or anything extraordinary. It was to be an opportunity to log the miles -- to enjoy the coolness of the first crisp fall day of the year -- to finish the week of training with a good run. Plain and simple, I was out to finish the drill -- nothing more, nothing less. God had other ideas!
The clutter of all the "brain chatter" in my head quickly became much, much more. On this run my senses were really awakened for the first time since the spring. Running in the heat during the summer always takes a tremendous toll on my body. And, suddenly on this day, it seemed to be all gone. My legs felt fresh. Me mind became clear. My pace was faster. My breathing was easy. On this day, things changed for me even if for just one day!
I noticed the cool breeze on my face. I saw squirrels celebrating as if they were little kids out playing in the park. Leaves blew across my path for the first time since last fall. But, the biggest thing that caught my attention was the noise that I kept hearing in the distance -- it was the flapping of our American Flag in the wind. This flag atop a pole at the highest point on the running trail at Veteran's Park in Alabaster, Alabama was dancing in the wind. It could be seen and heard from any spot on the trail on this day. When I looked up, it also had the backdrop of a "cobalt blue sky" -- A color that cannot be described adequately except to say that only God could conjure up something so beautiful and breathtaking!
So, here I was running on a "cobalt blue sky day" -- the flapping of the symbol of freedom echoing in my ear -- the wind against my back or in my face -- the freshness of a cool day! It was a snapshot moment in my heart -- a sensory overload that was sorely needed! I had an amazing 10 mile run for my body, mind, heart, and soul!
We live in such a frantic, fast paced world and we rarely slow down to capture the simpleness of the complexity of God! We don't notice the wind, the wildlife, the sky, the coolness of the air, or the freedom we have. We argue the point "in God we trust" but we don't really live like it or appreciate it until someone tells us that they want to take it away from us!
Sunday's run opened my senses in many ways. But, more importantly, it opened my heart to seek His goodness in all of life....to capture the reality of each precious day....to savor the marvelous beauty of His handiwork....to cherish the freedom that I have to live, to love, to worship, to share my faith!
Have you noticed God's "cobalt blue sky day" moments in your life lately. If not, look around. You just might be missing a blessing straight from the heart of God!
Under HIS Grace with a "Cobalt Blue Sky Day" in my heart...

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