"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's not about me -- It's about Him!"

On Tuesday, October 12,  I posted the following quote as my status update:

"I don't run as fast as I once did.  I used to care about where I finished a race in my age-group.  That stuff is not important anymore.  God planted different reasons in my heart.  Now, I run to celebrate God's miracle of grace in my life - that I can run against all odds - so Christ will be lifted up through each step I take - so others may see Christ in me.  Quite simply, it's not about me -- It's about Him!" 

Frankly, I was astounded by the comments, emails, phone calls, and other feedback I got from this simple quote.  Some of the comments were:

"Since I have only recently started back running, it is by His grace that I can take the next step, deepening the understanding that His grace is providing each step, not just when running but each and every step throughout the entire day."

"I so agree with this and love it! Just got home from The Chicago Marathon! It was so hot 88 degrees. We have always known our camaraderie was most important, but during this race, it was ever so evident. God's grace was upon us and we were able to extend it to others. We finished hold hand and smiling."

"Your post says it all for me as well, after a knee scope that left me bone on bone and in need of a knee replacement, it is no longer about the time. It's about the fact that with God all things are possible and I can do all through Him, we just have to keep going so others will see this!"

"Beautifully written Chris! I ran behind two ladies that were wearing, 'I can do things through Christ who strengthens me' shirts at the Portland marathon...brought a smile to my face and heart."

"You said exactly how I feel!"

"I had never thought about running with that perspective....thank you for that. It takes a lot to change an attitude. Your post just did."

The thing about this status update that is so amazing is that I had a couple of days off as we were on fall break at Samford University, where I teach.  I was on my way out the door for a run when I realized that I had not posted my daily status update.  I sat down at my computer and went totally blank!  I had no idea what to write!  I said a simple prayer, "God, give me words to touch someone today."  Those words were what He delivered. 

As soon as I finished typing and posting the words, a "like" came up on the screen, then another, then more, then comments!  My run was delayed for a few minutes while I responded.  I sat on the sofa as I thought about how God had entrusted me with something that belonged to Him.  It as a very emotional time -- Possibly one of the most "in tune with God" times that I've ever had. 

I eventually walked out the door and my planned 2 hour run turned into 3 hours.  My brain was in overdrive and my heart was full of emotion.  I thought about all the things that I've been able to do while we've been involved in this thing we call TEAM 413.  God gave me thoughts for the future -- a plan for some things that you'll hear about soon -- a clearness of focus that I've longed for.

God's simple words became a sermon to me!  It's now a challenge for me to live up to what God expects of me.  It has challenged me to do somethings that will be, to say the least, "outside the box."  

Hang on folks!  The best is yet to come.  God is at work in the lives of people all over the world because of His ministry -- TEAM 413.  We'll be coming to a town near you soon!  Want to be involved?  We can use you as we continue to celebrate God's goodness and ensure that He is glorified in ALL we do!

Under HIS Grace...



  1. Incredible!! I love it! The best is yet to come! Amen! :0)

  2. My best runs are when I lose all focus on time and have it all on Him. To GOD be the glory!