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Friday, October 1, 2010

Self-Less-Ness in Action!

Tonya Williams in a recent race -- Notice the man behind her. He's reading her shirt!

Once in a while you meet someone that truly "gets it!" It feels like they are totally instep with your own dreams, beliefs, and faith. They care about every aspect of your life and you can depend on them in any situation. People like this come along very few times in your lifetime. One of those people who has been so special to Kiki and me is Tonya Williams. Tonya, who is pictured above, is a bundle of energy. She is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, friend to many, and a valuable TEAM 413 Ambassador. By the way, I'm not sure I'd want Tonya to work me out -- might not be able to walk the next day! I believe that her motto is probably "JUST DO IT -- OR ELSE!"

The characteristics that I have noticed most about Tonya are her genuine empathy, sympathy, and compassion for others. She is "self-less" and always puts others first. When Kiki had her knee surgery a few days ago, she wanted to make sure that I kept her posted on how her "sista" was doing. She has become a friend and confidant to us and we cherish her friendship so very much.

Tonya loves to run. She loves to compete. She loves to finish the drill! Yet, she loves the Lord more than anything and is not ashamed to tell anyone. She makes no apologies for her faith in Jesus Christ and she will introduce Him to others at any opportunity that she finds. Her zeal for doing the right thing is contagious. You want to follow her lead because you know that she is going to do the right thing!

One interesting fact about Tonya is that she probably owns the largest collection of TEAM 413 shirts (other than me) in the world. Well, that's not exactly true. The truth is that she has probably owned more shirts than anyone else in the world ONE at a time! She gives them away when someone is hurting -- when someone needs some inspiration -- when someone accomplishes a goal -- or just because she wants to share her faith with someone. Then, she calls Kiki for a replacement or two or three! Tonya is "self-less-ness" in action!

Tonya Williams is a mess, a person who truly "lives" life, a friend, a sister in Christ, and a "sista" on earth. She is one of a kind and we wouldn't want it any other way!

Thanks, Tonya for making us smile -- for cheering us up when we are down -- and for stepping up to serve when you are called upon! To ALL OF US, you are a gift straight from the heart of God!

Under HIS Grace...


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  1. Chris, I could not agree with you more. Tonya is inspirational to many people and I am blessed to have her in my life! Your writing was beautiful, and dead on! I love me some Tonya Williams!!!!