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Monday, January 4, 2010


The countdown is on for the start of the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. We look forward to it with great anticipation. Since we leave on Wednesday evening so we can be ready to go for the expo on Thursday, we have to fit a lot of "stuff" into the next two days. Today, all remaining gear that has not been shipped has to be packed for us to take on our flight. Much work goes into gearing up for an expo. Shirts and other gear have to be ordered and printed. All of our supplies have to be sorted through and checked to make sure that we have all we need for a three day expo. Then, we have to think about what we are taking with us personally! That episode of excitement typically happens when we realize that we haven't packed anything for ourselves in the late hours of the night before departure! At some point in time, we'll learn! I cannot take credit for all of this work. My wife, Kiki, makes sure that things get done. She is a merchandising genius. She picks out all the styles and colors for our gear, choose colors for the print, folds every shirt, packs all the stuff, tells me when we are leaving, and then points me in the right direction. I show up at the booth and let her do her magic. It's best that I just follow orders! It will look much better if I do. We believe that God is honored in excellence and we strive to make sure our expo exhibit looks great. We want every aspect of TEAM 413 to be TOP TIER! We want to please God in our work with the ministry that God has entrusted to us. Please pray for us over the next few days. It's a daunting task to get ready for a show of this magnitude. More than 50,000 runners will be in the three races this weekend. They bring family and friends. TEAM 413 will be in front of several hundred thousand people through the WDW event. Pray that we will be able to share our faith with many and be a beacon of hope for someone during our stay. Under HIS Grace... Chris

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