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Monday, January 25, 2010

MIAMI - 2010

This coming weekend we will be at the ING Miami Marathon. We'll have a booth at the expo on Friday and Saturday. In addition, I will be speaking at 2:00 on Friday and 5:00 on Saturday at the Expo Seminar. Other speakers include GP Pearlburg, Lisa Dorfman, and Ryan Hall.
One of my best friends, Tish Stropes, will be helping us at the expo. Tish has been with us from the very start of TEAM 413 back in 2003. She has never wavered in her support of the ministry and is always a delight to work with. She has been a wonderful friend and even after not seeing her for a long while, we can always pick right back up where we left off. I look forward to seeing my dear friend.
Lesley Toops will also be helping this weekend. She is one of our ambassadors from the Dallas, Texas area. The good ole boy way to describe Lesley is that she is a HOOT. I laugh out loud at her Facebook status postings sometimes. Still, she has the heart of a servant and moved her flights around to be with us in Miami. It will be her first opportunity to work with us at an expo.
It is our plan to allow many of our ambassadors to work expos with us in 2010. It truly is a life changing experience to see things from the inside of the booth. I will never be able to see things from the "front" of the booth like all of our ambassadors have been able to do. I've always been on the inside. But, I can offer them the opportunity to experience the ministry from the inside out.
This opportunity allows one to hear stories of God's grace from a completely different perspective. It allows one to share their experiences with someone who doesn't know about TEAM 413. It allows the ambassador to share their faith in ways that they cannot comprehend. I look forward to sharing this behind the scenes opportunity with many of our ambassadors in 2010.
If you are interested in being a part of TEAM 413, please contact me at:
We'll see how we can plug you in to make a difference in another person's life.
Under HIS Grace...

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