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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday is Here!

Tuesday is here and we are one day from departing for the WDW Marathon. An exciting time awaits in Orlando. I'm looking forward to visiting with so many of our TEAM 413 Ambassadors who will be helping us at the expo booth. It should be a time of great fun and fellowship! One thing that I've not written about is that I'll be doing something that I thought to be CRAZY just a couple of years ago. I'll be running the GOOFY CHALLENGE. That means that I'll run the half marathon on Saturday and then run the full marathon on Sunday! That's why they call it the GOOFY CHALLENGE! My training has gone fairly well and the past month has been especially productive. I know that my time will be slow -- THIS is about finishing! All the TEAM 413 Gear is just about packed and ready to go. Kiki has picked out such great merchandise for this event. We'll be selling shirts in colors that we've never had before and we'll introduce some new items as well. Plus, we will be selling a Limited Edition "Faith on the Run 2010" t-shirt and hoodie. Finally, my book, GRACERUNNER - FAITH ON THE RUN, will be available. This will be the first opportunity to buy the book. And, it will be my first book signing! I'm kind of excited about that. This book is something that we've dreamed about for several years and to finally have it ready to go, brings me great joy. I believe that God will use my words to reach the heart of many people who read the stories of God's grace. Under HIS Grace... Chris

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