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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Your Stories

For a little longer than seven years I’ve been writing articles called GRACERUNNER JOURNAL. The stories are about how God shows up at the events that TEAM 413 attends or moments that God shows His grace in one way or another. I’ve written about many of the people we have met, lessons that I’ve learned, troubles in life, celebration moments, and so much more. We have been blessed to hear from thousands of people who email us, send us a letter, or call us about an article that has touched their heart. Writing GRACERUNNER JOURNAL has been a life changing experience for me. Recently, I completed my first book, GRACERUNNER - FAITH ON THE RUN. Our idea behind the first book was to expound on many of the stories that we’ve already written on our website, add new stories of inspiration, and include chapters on a lot of “stuff” from our TEAM 413 journeys. We are already in the planning stages of a second book. Here’s where all of you come in! If you’ve had a GRACERUNNER moment ---- if you have a TEAM 413 shirt story ---- if you have an inspirational story to tell ---- AND you are willing to share it with us, we need to hear from you. By June 2010, we would like to have hundreds of stories to choose from. So, please share them with us. The ministry of TEAM 413, which includes many of you, has changed the lives of countless people. Hundreds of thousands of people have been inspired by a simple message on our shirts, by seeing us at an expo event, or by attending a pre-race devotion at a marathon. Regardless of where you were inspired, please tell us about it! We want YOU to be a part of this adventure that is so much bigger than all of us. Email your stories to us at chris@team413.org. Entitle your email “GRACERUNNER” in the subject line of your email. God bless you in advance for sending your stories! Under HIS Grace... Chris

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