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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Standing on the Rock!

Sara is a wonderful friend of TEAM 413. She has been a supporter of our ministry for quite some time. Yet, it was this past weekend while in Orlando, Florida for the Walt Disney World Marathon that I saw the reality of her heart. I was at about the 25 mile marker of the marathon near the Beach Club at the WDW Resort. I heard someone yell my name and I looked to my right. There was Sara, out in the cold, encouraging me with her words, "Chris Gillespie, you got this!" I needed those words at that very moment and Sara was there to be God's messenger. As I approached her, I thanked her for being out there for all of us and gave her a hug before I went on my way to finish the race. Sara had been on the marathon course for hours in the cold! She had been out there encouraging TEAM 413 runners as they passed by her. She was giving of herself for all the others on the course. Yet, we should be the ones who should be reaching out to encourage her. We should be the ones to tell her to fight on -- to trust God's provision. You see, Sara has been diagnosed with cancer but she doesn't feel sorry for herself. She is up for the fight. She will continue to trust God through this trial. Even in the midst of significant circumstances, her character has remained solid as she is standing on the Rock. She has put all of her trust in God and is willing to take on anything that comes her way. Please pray for Sara. She is a wonderful person with a challenging road ahead. I can assure you that she prays for you each day -- return the gesture! Lift her up and help her stand! Under HIS Grace... Chris

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