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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hear My Heart!

I really struggled about writing the words that follow. The timing didn’t seem to be right with what is going on all over the world. The environment just didn’t seem to be appropriate to put these words in print. But, after much prayer, a somewhat sleepless night, and God’s guidance, I decided to write this edition of GRACERUNNER JOURNAL. Please “hear” my heart through the words that God has given me. Over the past few years we have done our best to raise funds for TEAM 413 - GRACERUNNER Ministries. We have done everything that we know to do. We have asked for help. We have met with countless people and organizations seeking ways to grow a ministry that is an amazing gift straight from the heart of God. It truly is a gift of His matchless grace. Fundraising has been a hit and miss type of thing. There have been so many people who have given in order to keep us going. Yet, we have been told, "No!" by many significant companies, organizations and individuals. Usually, we are told that because our organization is "faith based," they just can't help us. We have been told that help is on the way and never hear from people again. It has really been awe inspiring at times and extraordinarily disappointing at other times. It’s a burden that I carry with me each hour of every single day. More than 25,000 people wear the TEAM 413 gear all over the world. We appreciate their efforts in spreading the gospel in all they do and say. However, we cannot survive by just selling shirts and other TEAM 413 attire. Although these are fundraising tools, the shirts are primarily our ministry tool. The shirts grow the ministry, but more importantly, they open the door for people to share their faith with another. That’s the beauty of the TEAM 413 ministry – It’s simple and non-threatening. To put things in perspective, if 1,000 people gave $25.00 per month to TEAM 413, we would be self-sufficient. We would not need a fundraising campaign, unless we were raising money for a very specific purpose. So, our plea is quite simple -- Invest in your ministry. If TEAM 413 has touched your heart, helped you through a difficult time, or you believe in what we are doing to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ -- please consider an ongoing gift of at least $25.00 per month. It's not a stretch to believe that we can get this done quickly. Our Active Giving fundraising site link is: www.active.com/donate/team413
Please prayerfully consider helping us continue at the pace God has set for us! Under HIS Grace... Chris

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