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Monday, February 15, 2010

Are You Counting On Him?

This past weekend at the Austin Marathon Expo I met a man who made a lasting impression on me. He is a lawyer who is a strong Christian man. He told me of doing wills for clients and then explaining to them that their worldly goods were now taken care from a legal aspect. But, he doesn't stop there. He then asks them where they are in their spiritual life? He asks them what is going to happen to them upon their death? He takes the opportunity to witness to them. He exhibits true Christian character in his actions and words. We can all learn a lesson from this wonderful servant of the Lord.
Today I got an email from Scot. He wrote:
Bought shirt in Austin and ran the half in it. "Nice shirt." Was the first comment. I responded "Thanks. I'm counting on Him." That received a thumbs up. Another, "I really needed that Scripture. Thanks. " Response: "You're welcome. I'm counting on Him." The funny thing is, I have never said "I'm counting on Him." But, I am and have been for a long time. The shirt blessed me by causing me to realize that faith in Christ is as simple as "I'm counting on Him." I'm counting on Him to keep His promises. I'm counting on Him for my salvation.
For many years I've said that there is a story behind every TEAM 413 shirt. Many of you have heard this from me at some point in time. Behind every shirt, there is a story! Behind every story, there is a heart. Behind every heart is a servant who is counting on Him! Thanks to all of you for being His servants -- He's counting on you too!
Counting on Him to count on me ---
Under HIS Grace...

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