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Saturday, February 6, 2010

How's Your Enthusiasm?

"How's your enthusiasm?" A good friend, who is a well-known football coach, asks his players and other coaches this question all the time. He explained to me that he doesn't want to know if they are excited. He wants to know the depth of their enthusiasm.
There's a major difference in being excited or being enthusiastic! Being excited means that you are emotionally aroused or stirred. But, enthusiasm means that you have a passionate interest in or eagerness to do something! Big difference! Being excited only lasts for a little while and can wear off as things go down hill. However, enthusiasm has a tendency to last because of the passion that one has within them. Excitement is external -- enthusiasm is internal! So, how's your enthusiasm?
A few nights ago our little dog, Willie, was playing with one of his many toys that he has collected from all over our home. He suddenly stopped. He looked around, gazed up at us, then did something that was totally uncharacteristic of his normal behavior. He took off on a full speed sprint! He ran around the sofa three times, circled all the chairs in the room, ran from the family room to the kitchen and back, and zig-zagged through the obstacle course of the other furniture and things in the room. This went on for a few minutes and then, he sat back down and returned to playing with his toy!
Kiki and I watched Willie and when he was done, I proclaimed, "Wow! That was awesome!" Willie was excited to be playing with his toy but then he burst into enthusiasm mode! That wild and frantic display of enthusiasm came out of nowhere but he had to get it out of his system!
When we go about our daily journey through life, do we exhibit excitement or enthusiasm for God? Are we just "stirred" or are we truly "passionate" for Christ, our Lord? Being excited eventually burns out. However, being enthusiastic is not extinguished so easily! Enthusiasm is full speed -- it is no holes barred -- it has no boundaries. You have to show your enthusiasm because your passion cannot be contained!
Investigate your priorities in life. What are you excited about? Where is your enthusiasm? It's a great introspective exercise that could make a difference in the way you live your life!
Enthusiastically, Under HIS Grace...

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