"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Growth is Coming!

God speaks to us if we will just listen. Many times it is through prayer -- through other people -- through the events of life -- in the stillness of the moment. We just have to pay attention!
TEAM 413 is on the verge of the largest growth spurt in our history. We are in the midst of a moment that we will look back on in the months and years to come and declare, "WOW! God was at work in a mighty way!" We will look back at these days as the formative days of a ministry that can only be described as a miracle of God's goodness and a gift of His grace.
Over the next year we will be placed in front of millions of people. We will be able to share with thousands of folks through our words and deeds. The people of TEAM 413 will be a beacon of hope for one person at a time as we make our journey across the United States and then to the rest of the world. The time has come for TEAM 413 to expand our borders and enlarge our territory.
Some unique opportunities will open up to us in the next few months and I'm asking you to be in prayer for TEAM 413. You'll see changes to our website soon. An online store is in the works and, hopefully, you'll be able to see the gear we have in stock on the web in the near future. A series of stories are about to be told in a unique way in order to spread the gospel. Several different projects will be unveiled one by one over the weeks to come. You'll hear about Delaney's Project, TEAMWORK 413, NEVER QUIT 413, and SIDE BY SIDE 413.
Your opportunities to be involved with TEAM 413 will grow soon -- so, stay tuned! God is doing things that we cannot comprehend! His timing is NOW and we will heed His call!
Under HIS Grace...


  1. I saw you guys at the Disney World Marathon weekend! What a powerful message your company brings! I LOVE the shirts! Hope to see you guys around again!!! :0)

  2. Karen,

    Thanks for the comment. Check us out at www.team413.org and also join our Facebook Group if you haven't already.

    As a non-profit ministry, we stay on the road quite a bit and our shirts are our ministry tool as well as our fundraiser.

    God bless!

  3. I saw that you guys will be in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras half! So will I so I'm really exited to see y'all again! I want a different color shirt this time! :0) I'll look for the Facebook group, also! Thanks!